Where the Quality of Your Investment is Set in Stone At Premier Granite & Stone, we are fully dedicated to serving our customers by providing the highest quality products at a competitive price, and understand the necessity of your full satisfaction.

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Where the Quality of Your Investment is Set in Stone At Premier Granite & Stone, we are fully dedicated to serving our customers by providing the highest quality products at a competitive price, and understand the necessity of your full satisfaction.

1. Only a Pro Can Install Exotic Granite Countertops

The best granite countertop on the market will leave you disappointed if it’s not cut, shaped, and precisely installed. That’s why an experienced fabricator with a working knowledge of exotic granite countertop installation is the key to your satisfaction. When selecting a fabricator to install granite countertops, here are some guidelines to keep in mind.


Most countertop materials are delivered in large slabs by the supplier. Each must be carefully measured, shaped, cut, and fitted into a designated space. There is little room for error.


Top-flight fabricators know what they’re doing because they’ve done it time and again. They’ve got good reasons to be proud of their work, so ask for photos and references from previous jobs. Ask friends, family members, neighbors, realtors, and workers in the construction business for recommendations.


Confirm how long the fabricator has been in business. Verify state and local licenses and insurance. Should doubts arise, review Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports for valid complaints. Occasionally, a BBB report may be more objective than a referral.

Quality and Knowledge

The most competent fabricators sell and install the most desired materials—granite, quartz, marble, and solid surfaces. Confirm that materials are acquired from high-quality suppliers. Be sure the fabricator has the expertise to guide you through the choice, selection, and each step of exotic granite countertop installation.


The price of purchasing and installing granite countertops must be competitive because the amount of money you invest does not necessarily guarantee satisfaction. Compare bids. Negotiate the best price possible for the quality of materials and installation you desire.


Keep in mind that using a single contractor to plan, merge, execute, and complete the installation leads to the most satisfactory results.

Written Contract

Get a detailed, signed, and written contract specifying the materials, styles, and colors involved in your exotic granite countertop installation. Ask for product and labor warranties.

Now that your granite countertops have been installed keep them lasting by establishing a regular cleaning schedule.

2. Soapstone Countertops Are the Elegant Workhorse of a Busy Kitchen

004Soapstone countertops can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen where a natural stone surface is desired. If you are looking for a beautiful, rich stone texture to update your counters, consider it an organic alternative to the composites available at the big box stores.


Soapstone is known for its durability. It ages beautifully and unlike with composite surfaces, scratches can simply be buffed out with a cloth. Because it is a natural stone, it shines above the rest as a work surface; you can go right from stove to countertop with a hot pot. Unlike marble and granite, this non-porous stone is heat and stain-resistant and can take years of abuse, actually becoming more beautiful as it matures.

You can also work with your soapstone countertops to achieve a darker color over time by applying mineral oil. The darker shades of soapstone are actually a result of oxidation taking place, which brings out the stone’s natural color and enhances the depth and variation of quartz present in the stone. In order to achieve a uniform oxidation and a rich overall color, it is recommended to apply mineral oil periodically to help expedite the oxidation process.

Of course, if you prefer the original, lighter shade of gray, simply avoid the application of the oil and keep clean with mild detergent and water.

Aesthetic Value and ROI

As a natural product mined from quarries around the world, soapstone countertops vary in texture, color shade, and quartz depending on where it is from. Because no two slabs are ever the same, soapstone gives you a one-of-a-kind work of art so your kitchen work surface will be unique to your home. With its neutral color palette ranging from light gray and greenish blue to black, it complements any decor from cottage-style to contemporary.

Installing soapstone countertops also offers a great return on your investment while being one of the most cost-effective natural stone options on the market. Homeowners can expect a 50%–80% ROI when selling their homes.

3. Spring Cleaning Tips for Countertops

Spring often ushers in a strong desire to scour and scrub various household surfaces. Granite countertops in the kitchen might need a bit of TLC to make them sparkle once again. Consumers need to proceed carefully to avoid damaging this expensive surface. Although granite is resistant to many kitchen issues such as heat and scratching, using the wrong product could result in unsightly etching.

Remove Loose Debris First

With the mottled color of most granite countertops, it can be difficult to see debris. Some dirt may not be visible at a glance simply due to the variations in the surface. It’s important to remove these particles before cleaning, however, to avoid scratching the surface. The best tool to perform this cleaning step is a microfiber cloth. This special cloth grabs and holds dirt to remove it without scratching. Microfiber cloths are more effective than a paper towel or a typical rag.

Effective Cleansers

To prevent unsightly damage, homeowners must choose a product that is pH balanced. This type of cleaner will remove dirt easily without leaving noticeable streaks over the surface. Basic dishwashing soap is both inexpensive and effective. Mix one squirt of soap with one quart of warm water and apply the soapy water gently with a soft cloth. To enhance the shine of the surface, add ¼ cup of isopropyl alcohol to the soapy water. To keep granite countertops in good condition, use this homemade mixture regularly.

Products to Avoid

Do not use acidic and harsh products on this surface. All-purpose cleaners, window sprays, and bleach are too harsh for this type of cleaning. In addition, cleaners containing ammonia, lemon, or vinegar are acidic. These products can damage granite, because they may etch the surface.

Once you finish with this simple, yet effective, cleaning process, granite countertops should gleam and shine.

4. Keep the Peace With His-and-Hers Bathroom Sinks

Even in the best relationships, you need your own space. This is especially true in tight quarters, like the bathroom. If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom, and you have space for them, bathroom countertops with his-and-hers sinks are a great option to consider. This Valentine’s Day, give yourself and your partner the convenience and elbow room you need to keep your relationship harmonious. What a great gift!

Most couples lead busy lives. And double sinks give the facilities you and your partner need to get ready for work at the same time. You can stock your moisturizers, cosmetics, and shaving tools around your own vanity without having to worry that they are in your partner’s way. And with your own designated sink, you won’t have to look at someone else’s toothpaste residue while brushing your teeth like you would if you have to share one sink.

Since most bathroom sinks range from 17 to 19 inches wide, you will need approximately six feet or more to install bathroom countertops with his-and-hers sinks. This will create enough room between the sinks for adequate personal space for each user. If you choose a prefabricated two-sink vanity, you and your partner can measure it to make sure you are getting the elbow room you need for maximum comfort and convenience. On the other hand, custom two-sink bathroom countertops can give you and your partner just the design you have in mind.

Another great option if space is limited is a large single sink basin with double faucets. This option is great for smaller bathrooms and gives you some of the conveniences of his-and-hers sinks, but preserves countertop space. Additionally, the single drain takes up less space in your cabinets, and when plumbing issues occur, you will save on plumbing costs since there is only one sink to plumb. Whatever you choose, your new bathroom countertops will accommodate the needs and comfort of both you and your partner.

5. Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Designs

The sink, counter, and mirror area of a bathroom may seem standard, but many homeowners are making this area of the home pop with design and flair. By exploring the top designs in bathroom vanities, people can find the style that fits their budget and decor.

Built-In Designs

Bring the look of fine furniture into the powder room with a built-in wood vanity. This style features shelving and drawers built into the wall, taking up little floor space. This piece would be the perfect solution for a bathroom short on space.

Light Palette

Lighten up the feel by choosing marble in white, beige, or gray for the countertop. For the structure of the vanity, choose light-colored wood. Top off the effect with a bold antique mirror on the wall. The finished effect promises to exude the chic ambiance of a spa.

Repurposing Ideas

Give new life to old items by repurposing them in the bathroom. Reclaimed wood can be an ideal material to create innovative and charming pieces with a rustic feel. Homeowners could even repurpose old furniture, such as a dresser or a sideboard. The benefit of these furniture pieces is the ample storage they offer. Add a marble or granite countertop and a large, ornate mirror, and the finished effect will be nothing less than the sought-after, casual-chic look.

Unconventional Decor

Who says that bathroom vanities need to look the part? Homeowners can inject an unconventional style into a powder room by choosing furniture typically at home in other rooms of the house. An antique table could serve perfectly in the bathroom with a vessel sink and an oversized mirror. Continue the decor by choosing a cozy chair and a fluffy rug to add extra comforts to the room.

Simple Lines

By choosing a floating cabinet and a solid surface counter, the final effect is clean and simple. Colors can vary to match other decor in the room, but it may be best to keep the palette simple and unobtrusive.

Although powder rooms are utilitarian in nature, they shouldn’t be devoid of style. Marry design and function in a beautiful way to create bathroom vanities that will serve every need.


Offering A Large Selection of Granite and Stone Countertops

Premier Granite & Stone LLC is a leading granite and stone countertop provider for Western Michigan. For homeowners looking to add a beautiful and durable countertop, island, or bathroom vanity into their home, we offer a variety of granite or stone slabs.

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Premier Granite & Stone LLC is a leading granite and stone countertop provider for Western Michigan. For homeowners looking to add a beautiful and durable countertop, island, or bathroom vanity into their home, we offer a variety of granite or stone slabs.

Leading Granite and Stone Countertops

At Premier Granite & Stone LLC, we keep a full stock of both discounted remnants and full slabs in our warehouse. With more than 18 different variations of granite and quartz slabs, we are sure to have one that fits your budget and design goals. Granite, quartz, and soapstone are all known for their longevity, durability, and low-maintenance care. They are popular because of their heat, scratch, chemical, and stain-resistant nature.

Each slab of granite is a unique product of nature that can never be duplicated. This stone will add elegance to any kitchen, bath, or outdoor living area. Quartz, on the other hand, has been engineered with 94 percent natural stone, fortified with polyester resins. It is the rising star in countertop material choices because of its durability, consistent pattern, and unique coloration. With eye-catching design options from natural hues to vibrant colors, quartz can highlight your overall aesthetic or be the centerpiece of your newly remodeled space. Soapstone is ideal for kitchens, outdoor entertaining spaces, or fireplaces. This nonporous stone is bacteria-resistant without ever needing sealant. Scratches can be easily buffed out with sandpaper without hurting the surface. This natural material is available in an endless variety of textures that will add elegance to your home.

During your consultation, we will help you choose the best design according to your vision and your home. If you have a very specific idea, bring in examples of your desired look, such as photos of cabinets, bathroom vanities, and furniture. Or come to us and let our decades of experience help shape your design concept into a beautiful new addition. When visiting our showroom, you will be able to handle granite and quartz samples to see how they look under different lightings and how they contrast with various paint and wood colors. These materials offer countless color and texture options, and we can help you make the best decision for your budget, cooking and cleaning needs, and your style.


After the selection process, our contractors will make sure your job is completed thoroughly and in a timely manner. Our typical lead time, from the selection of material to installation, is two to three weeks. If you are looking for an even faster turnaround, we are always willing to accommodate your schedule. Installation takes approximately three hours of labor for an average-sized kitchen space. Replacement of existing kitchen countertops can usually be completed in just one day. That includes removing your old tops, having your pipes re-connected by a certified plumber, and installing your new granite or quartz. Our team of installation experts will place the countertops so that they will last for many years to come.


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“Thank you so much for the new countertops, I am extremely pleased with the whole process. Your entire staff is so friendly and professional that we will always recommend you to our friends.” (Grandville, MI)

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