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Premier Granite & Stone LLC is a leading granite and stone countertop provider for Western Michigan. For homeowners looking to add a beautiful and durable countertop, island, or bathroom vanity into their home, we offer a variety of granite or stone slabs.

Leading Granite and Stone Countertops

At Premier Granite & Stone LLC, we keep a full stock of both discounted remnants and full slabs in our warehouse. With more than 18 different variations of granite and quartz slabs, we are sure to have one that fits your budget and design goals. Granite, quartz, and soapstone are all known for their longevity, durability, and low-maintenance care. They are popular because of their heat, scratch, chemical, and stain-resistant nature.

Each slab of granite is a unique product of nature that can never be duplicated. This stone will add elegance to any kitchen, bath, or outdoor living area. Quartz, on the other hand, has been engineered with 94 percent natural stone, fortified with polyester resins. It is the rising star in countertop material choices because of its durability, consistent pattern, and unique coloration. With eye-catching design options from natural hues to vibrant colors, quartz can highlight your overall aesthetic or be the centerpiece of your newly remodeled space. Soapstone is ideal for kitchens, outdoor entertaining spaces, or fireplaces. This nonporous stone is bacteria-resistant without ever needing sealant. Scratches can be easily buffed out with sandpaper without hurting the surface. This natural material is available in an endless variety of textures that will add elegance to your home.

During your consultation, we will help you choose the best design according to your vision and your home. If you have a very specific idea, bring in examples of your desired look, such as photos of cabinets, bathroom vanities, and furniture. Or come to us and let our decades of experience help shape your design concept into a beautiful new addition. When visiting our showroom, you will be able to handle granite and quartz samples to see how they look under different lightings and how they contrast with various paint and wood colors. These materials offer countless color and texture options, and we can help you make the best decision for your budget, cooking and cleaning needs, and your style.

Premier Granite & Stone LLC
Premier Granite & Stone LLC


After the selection process, our contractors will make sure your job is completed thoroughly and in a timely manner. Our typical lead time, from the selection of material to installation, is two to three weeks. If you are looking for an even faster turnaround, we are always willing to accommodate your schedule. Installation takes approximately three hours of labor for an average-sized kitchen space. Replacement of existing kitchen countertops can usually be completed in just one day. That includes removing your old tops, having your pipes re-connected by a certified plumber, and installing your new granite or quartz. Our team of installation experts will place the countertops so that they will last for many years to come.

Premier Granite & Stone LLC
Premier Granite & Stone LLC


“We LOVE our remodeled kitchen…Thanks so much for the great job. We’ll recommend you to our friends for sure.”
-Hudsonville, MI
“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with every detail! Many thanks for the beautiful job you did on our new countertops. I am so pleased that I would be happy to speak as a reference for your company.”
-Ada, MI
“Thank you so much for the new countertops, I am extremely pleased with the whole process. Your entire staff is so friendly and professional that we will always recommend you to our friends.”
-Grandville, MI

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Western Michigan homeowners trust the professionals at Premier Granite & Stone LLC. For continual maintenance, turn to our service and repair team. If you are still in the discovery stage and are looking for the perfect countertop store or you’re ready for your countertops to be installed, please give our team a call at 616-647-5538616-647-5538 or email us at At Premier Granite & Stone LLC, we will give you a quote in 24-hours or less.
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