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Quartz Countertops in Grand Rapids, MI

If you’re searching for new countertops, you have several options. There’s a wide variety of materials on the market these days, and many people get overwhelmed with the choices. Stone is certainly a popular option, due to its unquestionable beauty and resiliency. Although granite countertops are extremely popular, more and more individuals are starting to choose quartz countertops. Grand Rapids, MI and other Michigan locals are no different. At Premier Granite & Stone LLC, we fabricate and install a variety of beautiful quartz countertops throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area.

So what makes quartz countertops such a great choice? These product lines provide an endless selection of colors to fit your needs, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect match for your home. Our helpful employees would love to help you find the perfect option to complement your personal style and home décor. Besides their looks, quartz countertops are also popular because they are considered the most durable option on the market. Scratch, stain and heat resistant, quartz continues to be in high demand for almost every countertop application. This great material is highly resistant to wear and tear, meaning you’ll have a product that lasts. When you choose quartz, you’re getting an extremely strong material that can stand up to the rigors of cooking and entertaining. You can come to us for the following brands:

Lg Viatera

When it’s time for you to begin weeding through your countertop choices, start the search at Premier Granite & Stone LLC. Our showroom has a wide variety of options, and a friendly staff member will be happy to teach you all about them. We’ll make sure you’re well informed before you commit to any particular product and that you know the exact cost of your new quartz countertops. Grand Rapids, MI and nearby residents can expect excellent customer service from our knowledgeable staff. Contact our Grand Rapids, MI area location today, and we’ll begin working to get you the kitchen of your dreams.

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Vicostone Quartz Stock Colors

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Cayman Brown Florence Gold Carolina Blanco Venato Romano Blanco
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Crystal Ice Safari Alaska White Carrara Pebble Beach